Our Process

1. Initial Consultation


The first step in the home purchase process is an initial consultation where we learn your wants and needs in a new home. Next, we will review Arden's floor plan offerings and determine the best fit for your family and lifestyle.


2. Pricing Agreement and Sales Contract


Once you have settled on the floor plan that fits your needs, we will need to identify a home site that accommodates the selected plan. With the plan and homesite selected, we will tailor your home to your individual needs and preferences by determining which structural options – plan elevation, optional room configurations, etc. – you wish to be in your new home. Once all structural options are finalized, we will provide a final sales price for review, and upon agreement, we will write up a sales contract. We will require an initial deposit with the signed sales contract.


3. Design Selection Process


A design appointment will be required to review our standard specification sheets along with our many available upgrade options. We will discuss standard features and view physical samples of products to allow you to put your personal touch on your home and finish selections. You will be given the opportunity to make paint color selections, flooring selections, cabinet selections, lighting selections, and many other exciting choices.


4. Permitting and Start of Construction


Before construction can start on a home, we must obtain the appropriate zoning and building permits from the local municipalities and inspections departments. This process can sometimes require review and approval from multiple departments/entities, including zoning, erosion control, building, etc., and can take several weeks to complete. Once all necessary approvals are received and permits issued, we will prepare a new-home start package and release your home to start construction. 


5. New-Home Construction


We strongly believe in and encourage healthy communication from start to finish during the construction process to ensure that we meet the expectations you have for your new home. We will also conduct periodic meetings and orientations at set stages during construction to help familiarize you with the home's features and address any questions or concerns. The meetings will consist of a Pre-Construction, Pre-Drywall, New-Home Orientation, and Pre-Settlement Sign-off.


6. Pre-Construction Orientation Meeting (PCO)


The Pre-Construction Orientation meeting is an exciting time as "ground-breaking" will soon begin! Ideally, this meeting will occur once the site has been prepped and the home's location is surveyed for the start of construction. You will meet with the Construction Superintendent assigned to the build of your home and will walk the site and review the following: structural and design selections, house placement, drainage, easements, construction expectations, timelines, etc. Please be sure to dress appropriately based on weather conditions. This meeting will generally take 1 to 1-1/2 hours (60-90 mins). 


7. Pre-Drywall Orientation Meeting (PDO)


A Pre-Drywall meeting will be conducted to confirm all selections, locations, and features before installing sheetrock on the walls and covering up mechanical systems in the home. Ideally, all plumbing, HVAC, and electrical trades will be complete and insulation installed in the home by this time, and sheetrock will be installed shortly after this appointment. We would encourage you to document items "behind the walls" during this meeting so you have them for future reference if needed. We will be prepared to provide you with a tentative projected closing date at the end of this meeting which will generally take 1-1/2 to 2 hours (90-120 mins).


8. New-Home Orientation Meeting (NHO)


We will schedule a New-Home Orientation to occur 5-10 days prior to the final confirmed closing date. Construction of the home will be substantially complete with final building inspections passed, utility meters installed for "start-up" of the home, and final touches complete. This orientation is designed to introduce you to your new home's "ins-and-outs," functionality, and maintenance. As part of this meeting, it is also imperative that all finishes be inspected to ensure no cosmetic blemishes….. chips, scratches, stains, or damages are documented and addressed. We will not warranty cosmetic defects after closing unless there is prior written documentation. The Superintendent will record any noted items and will work diligently to resolve all concerns prior to the Pre-Settlement meeting. The NHO meeting will typically take 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 hours (90-150 mins).


9. Pre-Settlement Sign-off meeting (PSS)


Before closing, it will be necessary to meet at the home one final time for a Pre-Settlement Sign-off if there were any items documented and still needing attention when the NHO meeting took place. This meeting allows you to confirm and acknowledge that all noted items are complete and satisfactory prior to taking ownership at the closing settlement. This meeting usually takes 1/2 hour or less (30 mins).


10. Warranty Service Follow-up


While we always intend to deliver every new home 100% complete, correct, and clean, we recognize that we sometimes fall short of this goal. There are thousands of parts and pieces assembled by many hands in changing elements, and the "perfect" home can be elusive. For this reason, we understand there may be a need for minor adjustments and corrections once you have had time to live in the home and utilize its many features, so Arden Homes offers a 60-day and 1-year opportunity for warranty service requests. These follow-ups are initiated by you completing and submitting the appropriate warranty form on our website www.ardenhomes.com/warranty. A trade partner contact list will also be posted inside a kitchen cabinet should there be a need for emergency service during the first year of ownership.